Cheap Travel Hacks For Summer Vacation

Use these tips to plan your next vaca!

The prices of flights are rising to astronomical prices as airlines attempt to recoup funds lost during the pandemic.

When coronavirus was at its’ peak and travel was limited, flight prices were super affordable. Now, one can only hope to find an affordable flights as summer vacations quickly approach. Here are a few tips and platforms you can utilize to plan your next vacation.

1. Be flexible with your travel dates: Changing your departure or arrival dates can alter the price of your flight tremendously.

2. Try flying out of neighboring airports: You may be accustomed to flying out of Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA), but flights may be a lot cheaper if you fly out of Dulles or BWI.

3. Limit the amount of bags you travel with: Try packing light and fitting your items in your carry on item to cut costs at the airport. Some users on tik tok have even stuffed their neck pillow with clothes!

Platforms to use:

Hopper is an app that tracks flights and will advise you on the best time to book depending on your location and departure dates.

Google flights allows you to compare and see how prices change depending on dates you may choose.

Scotts Cheap Flights sends subscriber emails with roundtrip prices for the low and it is specifically tailored to your preferences.