Erykah Badu Says Beyonce Is Biting Her Style

Beyoncé has come under fire from Erykah Badu for allegedly emulating her fashion choices, particularly her characteristic headgear.

The R&B superstar shared a photo of Beyoncé in East Rutherford, New Jersey, at her most recent Renaissance Tour stop on Sunday, July 30. Bey, JAY-Z‘s celebrity wife, wore a metallic, wide-brimmed hat in addition to matching bejeweled “IV” shirts and knee-high boots with her oldest daughter Blue Ivy.

Erykah seems perplexed as to how Beyoncé made her selection of hats given that she has made dazzling, wide-brimmed hats her go-to accessories for years. Badu said, “Hmmm. I guess I’m everyone’s stylist. favorite chrome mirror hat.”

One would say this is merely one artist paying homage to another. We know these two dominate the industry in their individual ways and we’re rooting for them both. Between Beyoncé and Erykah Badu as icons they have imprinted us as an audience because they display their strengths and talents unapologetically.