FDA Warns Baby Neck Floats Can Be Deadly

The FDA is warning parents not to use baby neck floats.

The floats – inflatable rings worn around the infant’s neck to let it float in water – have been linked to at least one death and one hospitalization, the agency says.

The FDA also says the supposed health benefits of the floats – such as better muscle tone and lung capacity – have not been proven and they especially warned against using the floats on children with special needs.

The FDA website recommends that parents: 

  • Do not use baby neck floats for water therapy intervention. The use of these products, especially with babies with developmental delays or special needs, can lead to death or serious injury.
  • Be aware that the use of neck floats in babies with special needs can lead to increased risk of neck strain and injury.
  • Be aware that these neck floats have not been evaluated by the FDA and we are not aware of any demonstrated benefit with the use of neck floats for water therapy interventions.
  • If a baby or individual in your care is injured by a neck float, we encourage you to report this to the FDA. Your report, along with information from other sources, can help the FDA identify and better understand the risks associated with medical devices.