Jane Fonda, 85, Shares Details About Naked Skinny Dipping Session With Michael Jackson

Jane Fonda reveals skinny-dipping with Michael Jackson on a moonlit night.

Fonda promoted her new movie, Book Club: The Next Chapter, with co-stars Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen on Watch What Happens Live on Monday (May 15.) Fonda, 85, played Andy Cohen’s “Plead the Fifth” game on the show. She answered a series of questions and could only plead the fifth once.

During the game, Fonda admitted to seeing Michael Jackson naked during a skinny dip session. Cohen, intrigued asks her where this took place. She explained, “Well he came and visited me when we were shooting On Golden Pond and I had a little cottage right on the lake and it was a beautiful moonlit night.”

Cohen suggested that Fonda was the one that initiated the skinny dipping, Fonda corrected him saying, “No he did.”

“I think because he knew he was going to die young and I would talk about him, being naked,” Fonda quipped. “He was skinny!”