‘You Can Tell He Been Hurt’: Jeezy Forgives Everyone Except Estranged Wife Jeannie Mai

In New Post According to a press release, Jeezy’s upcoming double album, “I Might Forgive…But I Don’t Forget,” will explore his emotional growth and dealing with trauma.

This is relevant since people are still considering his divorce from Jeannie Mai. After divorcing his ex-wife on September 14, he struggled. Both parties sought to move on while living with their daughter, Monaco, despite the news of their breakup.

Many wondered if Jeezy would discuss their marriage or relationship on the double album. Fans thought song titles like “They Don’t Love Me,” “Trust No One,” “Don’t Deserve Me,” and “Don’t Cheat” proved Mai was cheating.

The project rollout continued as Jeezy published two names of people he “might forgive” this week. One list includes his mother, past, and self. He had issues with Shawty Redd, Carbon 15, Blood Raw, [Dread], Ralphie Simms, [Bleu DaVinci], Clem, and Kinky B. He left out his father, Gucci Mane, and Mai.