Lil Kim And Trina Finally Reconcile

Lil Kim and Trina reconcile their friendship following the loss of Lil Kim’s father, showing a new spirit of unity amongst women in rap.

Contributed by Nadira Jamerson 

Lil Kim and Trina finally reconciled their friendship after years of confusing conflict.

It is unknown why these two loved stars had beef to begin with, however, Lil Kim explained that the passing of her father helped bring them back together.

In an Instagram post, Lil Kim wrote, “On this very day I found out my Daddy passed away. I was so distraught and had to put on a brave face and keep working because I had a show that same night. When @trinarockstarr came into my dressing room we instantly bonded. She comforted me and it was exactly what I needed in that moment. It’s as if her Mom and my Dad brought us together and healed our friendship. We both have angels watching over us.”

After the prolonged and public feuding between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj, many rap fans wondered why it was so difficult for women to get along in the rap game. The reconciliation of Trina and Lil Kim was met with positive feedback from fans who are happy to now witness the unifying of women in rap.