Quinta Brunson Talks ‘Abbott Elementary’ Challenges After Strike

Quinta Brunson recently opened up about the challenges she is facing as a writer post the writers’ strike for Abbott Elementary. Brunson said, “Our season will still be on the school calendar. [But] last year, we started airing in September, when school started. We’re not doing that this year.”

She continued, “It’s not like coming back to a family show where you can pop in on that family on any sitcom-y thing. It’s really like, what’s going on in the school?” She added, “We did 22 last season, and that’s a lot of TV, in particular for me because I’m writing and producing and starring in it. So for me, I welcomed a shorter season because it was tiring, exhausting work. Love it, but exhausting for me.”

Brunson continued on how she plans on returning with the series, “explaining our absence…in a way that we think engages the audience, protects the world we built.”