SUPACELL : Netflix’s Latest Series Is A Must-Watch

Released on June 27th, Supacell by Rapman has become a Netflix global win, in the Top 10 internationally. Currently number two in the U.S., this Drama/Sci-fi lands a perfect score with Rotten Tomatoes.

Fans worldwide binge-watched this six-episode series and are demanding a season two. This South London-based sci-fi takes you on a ride where five black Londoners discover their superpowers. Starring Tosin Cole as Michael, Nadine Mills as Sabrina, Eric Kofi Abrefa as Andre, Calvin Demba as Rodney, Josh Tedeku as Tazer.

It’s suspense, action, and great storyline delivered by directors Rapman and Sebastian Thiel is bringing viewers together mesmerized and craving more.

Creator Rapman expressed to Unilad, “I’ve told Netflix loads of times that I’ve got plans for multiple seasons. But you know how it goes, they’re gonna see how it does, and hopefully we get the next season.”

He added, “But I told them, I’ve got a three-season idea story in my head. So, I got three, not saying it could never go over, but I’ve got three stories, these three seasons in my head, of where I know where the story goes.”

In my opinion, the U.S. doesn’t surprise me, with the number two ranking for such a phenomenal series. How is it that such a successful show globally is playing tug-a-war with a horror docuseries about people not doing background checks or a documentary of a weird man taking advantage of the fertility system?

Supacell is giving power and facing the reality of black people and our treatment in the world with a fresh take. Allowing those who sometimes feel powerless to reveal their true abilities.

Supacell Official Netflix Trailer

The reviews are coming in with nothing but the best remarks. Check out a few from Google:

"Supacell" **chefs kiss** ,, AMAZING! The storyline is really engaging and kept me hooked literally from start to finish. It has everything you need to make a binge-worthy show! The cast is amazing and they all did a great job bringing their characters to life. It has tons of action, drama, suspense, with a sprinkle of love, and will keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing.

It's refreshing to see a superhero series like this. It’s different from the usual and has a unique vibe that I absolutely loved. Each episode made me want to keep watching! I can’t wait to see what happens next. WATCH. IT. NOW!!!

Outside of "Black Panther," I haven’t seen a black superhero movie that “gets it right.” This one does! It literally brings its own vibe and it just works!
Kept me on the edge of my seat the entire way through. Nice to have an original super hero story. Something new and exciting. A few things don't make sense, like a delivery driver affording what he does, but other than that this is solid gold.

Something I really liked to see was rather than fitting representation into a remade super hero story, was original heroes created and given the justice of amazing writing that they deserved. I cannot wait for more episodes.