World Champion Dwight Howard Says He IS A Great Dad !

In the weeks since the Los Angeles Lakers emerged victorious as NBA Champions, there has been a lot of discussion around one the team’s players Dwight Howard. First, there were accusations from Royce Reed, Howard’s ex and mother of his child. She claimed that despite being in the same city as his children, Howard has made no effort to be a part of his son Braylon’s life.

The world is listening and today on the @FrankSkiShow with Nina Brown we’re talking about what’s going on….Keeping you in the loop it’s the Frank Ski Show with Nina Brown!   

Today, Tuesday, October 27th: Sometimes you get it wrong, and I’ll never be too prideful to say when I do. I got it wrong about Dwight Howard. On Monday, we did a story that was circulating the internet regarding him being a deadbeat dad (side note: I also learned the video that was circulating was months old and posted with the intent to defame this man’s character as a father). I had some pretty intense things to say on the air about my personal beliefs regarding absentee parents. I personally felt triggered, and I didn’t hold my tongue questioning this man’s character. Well, I’m thankful to his best friend, Keven, for reaching out to me to defend his friend, and then connecting Dwight and I on Monday night. I had a long convo with Dwight, and let me just say this… this man ain’t no deadbeat dad, period. Is he perfect, no. Is there room for improvement, well hell, isn’t there room for improvement in ALL of our lives? Even as parents. Does he love his children, and has he tried to do right by them and their mothers (after our long convo and hearing him speak his truth), I wholeheartedly believe he has. My heart breaks for any child/ren who struggles with the adaptation of a co-parenting situation, especially a toxic one. It’s a burden no child should bear. Dwight Howard, thank you for your transparency when we talked, and thank you for calling into the show so I could publicly apologize to you. There absolutely is always 2 sides to every story— and when children are involved, 3 or more because their trauma is real. I appreciate you stepping out of your comfort zone to talk to me on our WHUR platform. I wish you nothing but the best and pray for you and your family’s peace. Check out the audio below to hear what Frank Ski and Nina Brown had to say! 

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