Tyler Perry Shuts Down Rumors That ‘House of Payne’ Actress Cassi Davis Died

Tyler Perry took to social media Monday to shut down rumors of actress Cassi Davis being dead.

Rumors floated on the Internet that Davis had died of lung cancer. The Mississippi native began working with Perry in 2005.  She played Bam in Madea movies and plays and Aunt Ella on “House of Payne,” currently filming its 12th season.

Tyler says he called Davis. He revealed on Instagram, “I said, ‘Cassi, you sure you’re not dead? ’She said, ‘Well, I feel like I’m in Heaven ‘cause these chicken wings I’m eating are so good.’‘When I saw that Al Sharpton was at my funeral, I tried to call him just to thank him.’”

The Madea creator told Davis, he’d be the one to announce when the time comes. She let him know,  “Thank you, but I’m sure I’m going to outlive you.” He continued to say that Davis asked when she does pass away, can he bury her in his pool.

The mogul included in his caption, “can whoever is responsible for this please stop you better be careful when you speak death over a child of God. This woman is loved by millions and you’re hurting a lot of people.”