Tammy Williams To Own $135 Million Production Studio In Atlanta

By Brooks Welch

Tammy Williams is the first Black woman to own a production studio in Atlanta, joining Tyler Perry Studios to break barriers in the state’s Entertainment industry.

Cinema South Studios is about 60 acres in north Fayette County and is estimated to have “17 buildings, including sound stages, warehouses, offices and a film academy,” reports The AJC. “Co-owner Alvin Williams said the studio is already booking clients and plans to invest $135 million in the complex.”

Williams is an award-winning producer and CEO. She is known for her work on Ernie & Cerbie, Free to Dance: the Bishop Paul S. Morton and Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship Story, My Destiny Place, and the 34th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards.

According to Black Enterprise, it’s taken 12 years for Williams’ dream to manifest.

“We’ve been patient,” she said, referring to her business partner, Gary Guidry. “This has not been an overnight thing, this vision for us.”

Guidry told AJC, “The demand for soundstages is happening globally, and the ownership rarely looks like us, let alone an African American woman,” he said.“When I choose to invest, I evaluate the need of the business and the ownership. Investing in Tammy Williams and her team of professionals convinced me that buying the land in Fayetteville, GA.”

Cinema South will serve as the umbrella for Williams’ production company, Tammy’Dele Films. It will host the education section of Tammy’DeleFilms Workshops and Cinema South Film Academy, where she will conduct job training seminars, reports Black Enterprise.