Will Smith Surprised Movie Goers At ‘Bad Boys: Ride Or Die’ Showing

During the opening weekend for Bad Boys: Ride or Die, Will Smith snuck into a movie theater to watch his movie and surprised fans at the end. 

A fan shared the moment and said, “Surprise. When you walk out of Bad Boys movie and Will Smith walks out with you after having watched the movie with you!! Only at CINEMARK!” In the clip, Will greets fans and said, “Hey, I’m glad y’all enjoyed that. That was a good movie,” which excited fans even more after seeing the film.

Will shared the clip on his social media page and added, “We’re in Baldwin Hills, we’re about to go into the theater. It’s a ritual I have. I do it when I have a movie come out — on Friday, Saturday, there’s usually a matinee on Sunday — I go into theaters.”

What did you think of the new movie?