Your Commute Is On Us! #PayItForwardWHUR #WhereWeLiveDC

Washington, D.C.  – (Thursday, August8, 2019) –  It’s another  and this morning WHUR and Wells Fargo hit the streets to make the trip into work just a little smoother for dozens of commuters.
We fanned out at the D.C. Armory Metro Station to hand out $10 SmartTrip Cards to bus and rail riders.
Today, marked the 3rd week of the initiative to carry out random acts of kindness to spur a movement in the DMV.  Each Thursday,  WHUR and Wells Fargo crisscross the region popping up in places like grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, barber shops, salons, and Metro stations to pay the bills of unsuspecting residents.
“WHUR and Wells Fargo proud to #PayItForward #Where We Live!”