Kenya Moore Reveals What Led to Her Separation

RHOA star Kenya Moore reveals that her husband always felt the need to “completely destroy” her whenever they got into an argument.

Contributed by Jordyn Fields

Kenya Moore revealed what really caused her and her estranged husband Marc Daly to file for separation on the latest episode of

“Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Moore told cast mates Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey that she was informed by her publicist that Daly was going to release a statement behind her back that said the two were splitting up.

Moore says she never intended to separate from Daly originally. “He kind of forced my hand,” she stated. The two were seen arguing after a charity event that Daly had thrown.

“We went to the event and he just seemed very irritated the whole time we were there. Not loving, not being nice to me. He was just like, saying little things under his breath. It just seemed everything I was doing was an issue. And then, I don’t know what happened, but he ended up getting in the Uber and we took off and he was just like, livid. He was like, ‘I didn’t even want you to come.’ Somehow I ruined his night,” Moore said.

“Every time he gets mad, he goes in. He goes for my throat,” said Moore. “It’s like, he can’t stop until he feels like he’s just destroyed me. I’ve seen him angry before, I’ve never seen him angry like that, where we’re that close to each other.”

After the incident Moore told Daly he couldn’t come back to her.

Prior to the event the pair got into an argument over a woman who Daly had been seeing in the early stages of their relationship. Event though they were married the woman still communicated with Daly and wanted to continue their relationship.

Moore says she called the woman and confronted her about the situation, she then confronted Daly. “We had this big blow out and I’m like, ‘What did I marry? What is going on here? We had talked about separating and Marc is like, ‘I was wrong for that, I’m sorry.’ And I just said, ‘Okay. That was your one mess-up,” Moore revealed.

She also stated that she missed a lot of “red flags” during her relationship with Daly. “The last few weeks have taught me you can’t believe who someone says they are, you have to believe who someone shows you who they are,” said Moore.

Daly and Moore got married of June 2017 and separated in September of 2019. The two share a one year old daughter ho they co-parent.