{WATCH} NEWSMAKERS CORNER: FDA Plans To Ban Methanol Cigarettes

Jenae Addison sits with Diane Goldstein from Law Enforcement Action Partnership to discuss The FDA’s plans to introduce final rules on banning methanol.

Addison and Goldstein bring valuable acknowledgment to a topic that affects our community strongly. Watch and learn what the positive and negative consequences of implementing a ban such as this will bring to the table.

“And I think here’s the other issue is they’re specifically only banning menthol, which is the preferred choice of black smokers between 80 to 85% and Hispanic smokers, which I’ve seen at 48%, versus white adult smokers who use menthol, only 30% of white adult users,”says Goldstein.

She continues, “History has shown us how this often ends. I want to try to prevent the death of another Eric Garner, another member of marginalized communities that we’ve already overpoliced in many aspects because the drug war or we’re trying to solve socioeconomic issues through the criminal justice system.”