FDA Issues New Warnings To Two New Eye Drop Products

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning to consumers to stop using two new eye drop products.

The two products identified are “Dr. Berne’s MSM Drops 5% Solution” and “LightEyez MSM Eye Drops – Eye Repair.”

The FDA says these eye drops have potential bacterial or fungal contamination, which can lead to vision and life-threatening infections. These are the latest warnings about eye drops from the FDA.

Earlier this year, a number of eye drop brands were linked to a drug-resistant bacteria outbreak that resulted in four deaths and many infections in a total of 18 states.

The FDA encourages, “consumers properly discard these products as FDA describes. Using contaminated eye drops could result in minor to serious vision-threatening infection which could possibly progress to a life-threatening infection.”

They added”FDA emailed LightEyez Limited on August 21, 2023 seeking to discuss FDA’s concerns with LightEyez products distributed in the U.S. and further steps to protect consumers from using the contaminated eye drops. To date, LightEyez has not responded to FDA or taken action to protect consumers.”