Tamron Hall Honors Slain Sister, Victim Of Domestic Violence

Tamron Hall and nephew Leroy Moore opened up 15 years later about the death of sister and mother, Renate, who was killed by her abusive ex.

Contributed by Nadira Jamerson 

October marks National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In support of this, talk show host Tamron Hall shared a story about her sister, Renate, losing her life to domestic violence.

In a recent airing Tamron invited her nephew, Leroy Moore, as a guest speaker on her NBC talk show. This was the first time Moore publicly talked about the murder of his mother since 2004. During the show, Tamron spoke about her guilt following her sisters murder.

She said “I carried much guilt for many years believing I had abandoned my sister and that I was more worried about career than family.”

Moore spoke about how domestic violence is not always blatant. Many times family members can be being abused without anyone realizing.

Morre shared “When I look back she would call me and ask, ‘Hey can you mae it down for the weaken?’ and every imd I drove down there would always be tension in the household and that’s kinda when I look back I realized she was calling me down there to avert that tension that was in the household.”

Both Tamron and Moore explained that they had never before spoken about the murder publicly because they felt that they were in the wrong for not doing enough to save their sister and mother from this tragedy. Although the case still remains unsolved today, both Tamron and Moore believe that Renate lost her life to domestic violence.

Tamron has since started the Tamron Renate Fund to collect donations in support for any women who may be suffering through domestic violence.