Attorney Ben Crump Is the Subject of a New Netflix Documentary

A new documentary that focuses on the work of Attorney Ben Crump is coming to Netflix.

Crump is a prominent civil rights attorney who represented Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor.

In Civil, viewers will get an “intimate look at the life of maverick civil rights attorney Ben Crump and his mission to raise the value of Black life in America.”  Netflix released a trailer for the documentary.

“Ben Crump, also known as “Black America’s attorney general,” pulls back the curtain on his life as a family man and civil rights leader,” the documentary is described on Netflix.

The documentary will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 12, will hit theaters on June 17, and after that will hit Netflix on June 19.  Do you think you have what it takes to be an attorney?