DC Expanding Mental Health Services for Students

Washington, D.C. (Tuesday, October 10, 2023) – A big financial boost for a dozen local educational agencies to help expand mental health services for DC students. Mayor Muriel Bowser joined the Office of the State Superintendent of Education today in announcing $4.5 million in grant money that will go to 12 agencies to use to increase mental health support for students in 34 schools in the city.

“We know how important it is for our young people to have the mental health supports they need while in school and out of school,” said Mayor Bowser. “Every day, educators across DC are going above and beyond to ensure students feel safe and loved at school. These federal grants are one more tool our schools can use to support school staff in creating safe and healthy learning environments for students.” 

The grant funds come from the federal Bipartisan Safer Communities Act Stronger Connections Grant, which supports improving conditions for student learning by encouraging schools to implement a comprehensive plan to create safer and healthier learning environments and promote positive school climates. OSSE identified high-need agencies and made the grant funds available through competition. Those agencies applied for school-based projects that develop, enhance, or expand upon projects or activities in the school’s School Strengthening Work Plan.

The following 12 LEAs have been awarded grant funds:

Grantees  Awards
Cesar Chavez    $200,000  
Creative Minds    $76,500  
DC Bilingual    $198,500  
DC Preparatory     $1,297,183  
DCPS  $1,000,000  
E.L. Haynes   $300,000  
Eagle    $200,000  
Friendship   $725,502  
Hope Community Academy    $161,113  
LEARN DC    $200,000  
St. Coletta    $59,264  
Thurgood Marshall $180,000