Guilty, Guilty, Guilty. Verdict Reached In Ahmaud Arbery Murder

All three white men charged in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery are facing possible life in prison after being found guilty today of killing the Black jogger.

(Wednesday, November 24, 2021) – All three white suspects charged in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery were today found guilty in his killing back on February 23, 2020.  The courtroom erupted into cheers as the verdict was read.

The jury found Travis McMichael, who fired the shots, guilty of all nine counts, including malice murder and four counts of felony murder.  His father, Gregory McMichael, was also found guilty of all charges, except malice murder.  Neighbor, William Bryan was found guilty of three counts of felony murder along with a slew of other charges.

The men were arrested two months after the killing of Arbery following outrage over the cellphone video of the killing.  Arbery was jogging through a Georgia neighborhood when the three white men chased him down accusing him of being a burglar.  The case has drawn nationwide attention with race being a central issue and many drawing stark comparison between the murder of Arbery and the 1955 killing of Emmett Till.  The jury was comprised of 11 white persons and one black man.