Jay-Z, Diddy and Nas Back Ray McGuire for Mayor

For the first time, New York’s elite comes out in support of Ray McGuire who is running for mayor.

Initially, JAY-Z had reached out to McGuire about helping run a fund that would benefit minorities, however, when he was told of McGuire’s mayoral run, the billionaire decided to publicly support McGuire’s run.

JAY-Z, Nas, and Diddy appeared on a Zoom call along with McGuire, Steve Stout, and Angie Martinez to discuss McGuire’s “inclusive comeback” plan for the Big Apple.

Puffy’s support of McGuire will take an active role with the Hip-Hop mogul helping McGuire to reach out to voters and make the campaign “sexy,” a staffer for McGuire said.

Do celebrities influence your political views and those you support?