Marlon Wayans Shuts Down The “Hate Mongers” After Posting A Photoshoot In Support Of The LGBTQ+ Community

In a recent post, comedian Marlon Wayans shared a photo wishing everyone a Happy Pride.

The Good Grief headliner posted, “Happy PRIDE to all my LGBTQ+ peoples. Did a photo shoot with the great photographer Parrish Lewis dope pic.”

He added, “P.S. I’m STRAIGHT… well, according to my child CIS-GENDER. I just love and support my peoples.”

Comedian and niece, Chante Wayans comments, “This is dope! Thank you for always supporting & letting me wear your clothes!🏳️‍🌈”

Singer Toddrick Hall added, “As someone who’s a part of the community and has worked with you closely I just want to say thank you for advocating for the community before and after you knew your child was a part of it!”

Hall continued, “We need more black fathers like you! Ppl say they love unconditionally but are willing to kick their own children/family to the curb when they don’t agree with their lifestyle mostly out of embarrassment of what their “friends” and church members will say. Proud of you for posting this with your chest. Love ya and happy pride 🏳️‍🌈”

Despite the encouraging comments, several hateful ones spewed in the White Chicks star’s comments motivating him to create another post.

Wayans says, “Yeah and just for the HATE MONGERS … I’m posting ANOTHER.”

He adds, “As a father of a child in the LGBTQ+ community I show my support. Zero fucks what people think. If i lost you… GOOD! Your hateful ass never loved me in the first place. How can you love anyone when you’re too busy judging. Some of y’all funny. I’m a troll. I’ll post all day.”

“HAPPY PRIDE to all my friends, fam, fans and loved ones. I am happy you’re happy… period”, he said.