Heart Health Month

Each of us has had some connection to heart disease.  It could be a family member, a friend, a co-worker… even you.  During Heart Health Month we re-examine the issues and provide you with information you need.


Dr. Yolanda Lewis-Ragland, Family, Fitness & Wellness: https://www.dryolandamd.com/

Florence Champagne, Open My Heart Foundation:  http://www.openmyheartfoundation.org/

Heart Disease In Black Women: Ring The Alarm

Heart disease is the number one cause of both death and disability in women in the U.S. As a Black woman, you have an even higher chance of dying from heart disease—and at a younger age—compared to white women, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

How big of a problem is this? About 49% of African American women over age 20 have some type of heart disease, like:

  • Clogged arteries in the heart, arms, or legs

  • Stroke

  • High blood pressure

  • Angina (chest pain)

That means nearly 1 in every 2 Black women in the U.S. has heart disease.

Think about that for a second: If you’re sitting in a room with another Black woman, that means one of you might have some type of heart disease—and you don’t even know it.


Dr. Yolanda Lewis-Ragland, MD

Florence Champagne, Heart Disease Advocate