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Exclusive: Jeezy The Snowman Fresh Off The Versus Battle On The Frank Ski Show with Nina Brown

The Instagram hit battle, broadcast from an Atlanta strip club, was more tense than usual, but ended on a note of apparent reconciliation between the two star rappers.

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Gucci And Dapper Dan Launch Changemakers Program For Diversity and Inclusion

Gucci Changemakers is a scholarship program helping a more diverse talent pool of students pursue careers in fashion. Each student selected will receive a $20,000 grant toward their education over the course of four years. The fund is a $5 million plan that will invest in community-based programs, particularly those helping communities of color, in cities across the U.S.

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Gucci To Step Up Diversity Hiring After ‘Blackface’ Uproar

The announcement came after Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri met in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood with Dapper Dan, a well-known African-American designer, and other community members to hear their perspectives.

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