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{WATCH} Did You Miss Our 50th Anniversary ‘Night Of Excellence’?

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Tonight Ralph Tresvant Is ‘All Mine’

Ralph Tresvant says he’s a private person, and a family man. But, he adores all of his RT fans.

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A New Album And Fresh Hits For ‘Game Changer’ Johnny Gill

“Sometimes being an O.G., you don’t get celebrated. You get penalized,” he said. “Some are like ‘He’s too old.’ So to find yourself still having a place in this game, where you can still compete and make great music, it’s an indication to allow people to know that it’s being played all over the world. It’s being accepted by our peers. It’s a blessing.”

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DC’s Own Johnny Gill and Kirk Franklin Spotlight This Weekends Events in The DMV

There are some great shows you won’t want to miss this weekend here in the DMV.

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