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Should America Pay Slavery Reparations?

How should America the issues slavery reparations?

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McConnell On Reparations For Slavery: Not A ‘Good Idea’

“We tried to deal with our original sin of slavery by fighting a civil war, by passing landmark civil rights legislation, elected an African American president,” Barack Obama, in 2008, McConnell said. “I don’t think we should be trying to figure out how to compensate for it. First of all, it would be hard to figure out whom to compensate.”

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House Hearing On Reparations For Slavery Set For Next Week

Former Democratic Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, the longtime sponsor of House Resolution 40, first proposed the measure calling for a study of reparations in 1989. Conyers reintroduced the bill every session until his resignation in 2017 .

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