Black Man Played Dead After Florida Cop Opened Fire On Him While He Sat Handcuffed In The Back Of Patrol Car: ‘I Was Scared to Death’

Atlanta Black Star reported, a Florida man, Marquis Jackson, shared a harrowing experience where deputies handcuffed him and placed him in the back of a patrol car before opening fire on the vehicle.

The incident occurred after deputies responded to calls about disruptive behavior and alleged threats from Jackson.

Jackson, who was not charged with any crime, described the traumatic experience as leaving him permanently scarred.

Jackson took to Facebook to state, “As soon as that was announced multiple shots were fired at me while I was stuck in the backseat. All I could do was lean over and play dead to prevent getting shot in the head”. He continued, “I was scared to death and I knew all I could depend on was God! I ignored everything and prayed! Windows were shattering on me the whole time as bullets continued flying across me.”

Click here to watch the bodycam footage, that shows former deputy Jesse Hernandez rolling away from the patrol car, yelling, “shots fired”, then firing at the vehicle where Jackson was handcuffed inside.

Despite being unarmed, Jackson played dead to avoid being shot as deputies fired multiple rounds into the car. Hernandez has since resigned after an internal investigation found his use of force unreasonable, while another deputy was cleared of any wrongdoing.