Shannon Sharpe Apologizes For Behavior At Lakers-Grizzlies Game

Shannon Sharpe has apologized for his behavior at last Friday’s Grizzlies-Lakers game in Los Angeles. Sharpe got into a shouting match with the Grizzlies’ Dillon Brooks and Ja Morant, as well as Morant’s father.

On Monday’s episode of Undisputed, Sharpe offered an apology: “I take full responsibility for what transpired. It does not matter what Dillon Brooks said or how many times he said it,” Sharpe said. “Me being the responsible person, me having the platform I have, and having so many people look up to me, I was wrong. I should have lowered the temperature in the arena. Instead, I turned the temperature up, and I let it get out of hand.”

After the Lakers game with the 122-121 win, LeBron James said , “I mean, I ride with Shannon for 365 days, 366 on a leap year, 24/7.” He continued, “So, that’s my guy. So I’ll always have his back, and he’s got mine. He can talk with the best of them, for sure.”