T.I. Under Fire After Music Promo Video With Melania Trump As A Stripper

T.I.’s music promo video which he released on Twitter depicts a first lady Melania Trump look alike.  The stunt double is seen wearing nothing but a jacket that reads, ‘I don’t really care. Do you?’ The jacket has been popular and controversial since Melania Trump insensitively wore it to a children’s shelter for migrant kids in June. In the one minute video we see the woman depicted as Melania giving a strip tease to T.I. in the oval office.

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Oh, Really? Kanye West And Michelle Williams’ Fiance Chad Johnson Support Donald Trump

Does this revelation, of support for a president that hasn’t shown much support toward minority groups, change your perspective of Kanye West and Chad Johnson?

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How Did Dave Chappelle Celebrate His Return to Stand-Up?

Kanye West, Tyler the Creator, Don Cheadle, Kendall and Kaitlyn Jenner were in attendance to support the comedian. And to top it off, a surprise performance by the legendary Stevie Wonder.

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Beyonce Came To Slay VMA 2016; See Who Else Rocked The Runway [Photos]

Beyonce came to SLAY this year’s VMAs 2016 but isn’t that typical Queen Bey behavior? Of course it is. There were a few people who made my list of ‘most fashionable’. But Beyonce had a little help from Miss Blue Ivy.

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Do You Know These Celebrities Are Best Friends?

Did you know June 8 is National Best Friend Day? Neither did I but now that I know, I would like to pay homage to some of our favorite celebrities and their best friends. To be honest I didn’t know some of these celebs were actually best friends but it’s definitely interesting. Enjoy!

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