Six-Year-Old Arrested For Throwing A Tantrum 

Contributed by Amber Cooper

Kaia Rolle, a six-year-old Florida school girl, was arrested and zip tied after police officials arrived at her school.

“Kaia was brought to the station, had her fingerprints recorded and even had a mugshot taken, State Attorney Aramis Ayala later confirmed. No charges were ultimately filed against her.”

In the video, the interaction and conversation between Rolle and the officer is difficult to watch. As the officer pulled out the zip ties, you can hear Rolle saying “what are those for?” She then went on to beg the officer to not take her as she broke down in tears. 

According to METRO news site “Turner was fired shortly after the arrest. Orlando police chief Orlando Rolon said at the time that Turner did not follow department policy of getting the approval of a watch commander to arrest someone younger than 12.”

Rolle’s grandmother expressed that the footage was difficult to watch. She said “Kaia’s temper was a side effect of sleep apnea, a medical condition that means breathing stops and starts while you sleep” as stated by METRO news. 

An internal investigation is underway.