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DOJ Hits Apple With Antitrust Lawsuit

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Apple Takes On Netflix With A $5-A-Month Streaming Service

It may be sheer coincidence that the cost of paying for both Apple and Disney subscriptions will still be a dollar less than Netflix’s main plan, priced at $13 a month. But the intent to disrupt Netflix’s huge lead in the streaming business couldn’t be clearer.

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Oprah And Prince Harry Create Documentary About Mental Health

“Our hope is that it will have an impact on reducing the stigma and allowing people to know that they are not alone, allowing people to speak up about it and being able to identify it for themselves and in their friends,” Winfrey said.

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Apple Belatedly Jumps Into The Streaming TV Business

The company also unveiled a news subscription service that will give customers access to roughly 300 magazines and a few major newspapers for $10 a month. And it announced a new branded credit card.

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