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Medical Monday: Miscarriage, SIDS & Child Loss

We look at this complicated and sensitive issue from miscarriage to SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome, and how couples handle it.

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Teen Athletes and the COVID-19 Pandemic

How do teen athletes cope with the COVID-19 shutdown?

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THE JOURNEY: “Dr Okoye on the Power of Melanin”

On this episode of “The Journey,” Dr. Wayne Frederick discusses the treatment of patients with pigmented skin with Dr. Ginette Okoye, the Chair of Dermatology at HUCM.

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Fathers Awards, Black History Activities, and More Free Events

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Coronavirus, Should We Be Concerned?

What you need to know about the Coronavirus.

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THE JOURNEY: “The Nobility of Surgery: Dr. Edward E. Cornwell, III”

Dr. Wayne Frederick chats with The LaSalle D. Leffall Jr., Professor & Chairman of Surgery at Howard University College of Medicine and Surgeon-in-Chief at Howard University Hospital, Dr. Edward E. Cornwell, III.

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