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House Fights Over Impeachment Process

House set to block maverick Dem’s Trump impeachment effort.

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What Happened to The Art of the Deal?

President Trump has boasted that he’s an expert deal maker. Why is there no deal yet on the partial government shutdown? What goes into real deal making?

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Cohen Delays Testimony to Congress… Says President Threatened Him, Trump Tells Pelosi He Is Coming For State Of Union Address

Former Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Delays Testimony to Congress After Being Threatened By the President. Trump Tells Pelosi He Is Coming For State Of Union Address. White Supremacist Pleads Guilty To NYC Sword Killing. No Sweethearts Candies This Valentine’s Day.

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Charges Dropped Against Reuben Foster, Suspect Sought In Killing of Houston Girl And Donations Offered, A New Day In Congress

Reuben Foster charges dropped
Police sketch accused killer of Houston girl
Democrats take control of House

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