{WATCH} Racist Brawl at Montgomery, Alabama Riverfront Dock

A fight broke out on a riverfront dock in Montgomery, Alabama, on Saturday evening over the apparent docking of a pontoon boat.

Videos show a Black man, who appears to be a dock attendant, being confronted by a group of white men before being attacked. The fight quickly spiraled out of control as other white individuals rushed the worker and began punching and kicking him while he was on the ground.

Bystanders intervened and crew members of the riverboat attempted to break up the fight, while police were in the area.

Mayor Steven L. Reed responded to the incident Sunday and said several individuals were detained and warrants were signed. The Mayor also mentioned that they promise justice and said those who choose violent actions will be held accountable. Police said that several people were detained and four active warrants were issued, with the possibility of more after investigators review additional video of the incident.