Marlon Wayans Slams False Headlines/Articles Regarding His Montgomery Riot Remarks

Tuesday, Marlon Wayans took to social media to address the blogs that claimed the God Loves Me comedian was ignorant and failing the culture by his remarks made to post on his Instagram.

Wayans posted a portion of the Montgomery Riot, also known as Fade In The Water video, with the caption, ” How ’bout we NOT” try that in a small town”….Sh*t silly bro…let’s all just be love NOT war.” As the country song Try That In A Small Town by Jason Aldean plays.

The White Chicks star says, “I woke up to a bunch of stupid a** Google alerts, with a bunch of stupid a** sites misinterpreting my entire post.” Continuing,” Why the f**k would I criticize black people for defending themselves? I’m Black, the f**k.”

“Nobody knows irony anymore, HUH?” “Guess that just went out the window; that’s the irony of the song,” he explains. Since August 5th, the video has played with the same song attached, poking fun at the white individuals who started the entire fight by jumping a Black male security guard they assumed was alone until they found out differently.

Although The Wayans. Bro. star, didn’t have to address anyone; he chose to explain what was taken out of context for those that don’t understand.