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Allison’s Timeline: 5/15 – Men Wearing Face Masks

The survey, conducted by American and British researchers, also found that men are less likely to believe they’ll be significantly impacted by Covid-19 than women. Which is ironic, because there is a huge amount of evidence showing that men are much more likely to die from coronavirus. Researchers are still trying to figure out whether this is due to biology or behavior.

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South Korean Shipment To Up Maryland Virus Tests By 500K

Governor Larry Hogan notes his Korean-born wife played a major role in championing the $9 million purchase.

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Maryland Residents Filed More Than 61K Unemployment Claims

In the past month, almost 300,000 unemployment claims have been filed in the state. New federal data showed that at least 22 million Americans have been thrown out of work in the last month.

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Maryland Sees Largest Spike In COVID-19 Deaths

The worldwide death toll from coronavirus has hit 100,000, according to a Johns Hopkins University tally.

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Allison’s Timeline: 3/25 – Michael Jackson Estate To Help Entertainment Industry workers on Broadway

“This virus, this pandemic affects all of us obviously, so we wanted to start in our own communities,” John Branca, the estate’s co-executor, told The Associated Press. “This is personal for us.”

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Maryland Governor Closes Casinos Due to Coronavirus

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MD Residents Favor DC Statehood

DC Statehood Poll

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Conversation with Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich

Police and the community, transportation, race relations and other issues impacting Montgomery County.

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Meet The New CEO of Prince George’s Co Dr. Monica Goldson

She started out as a teacher in the school system and quickly moved into a position of leadership within the educational community.

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Good Friday Segment: How To Live The Good Life?

Tonight’s guest giving us some insight about the key to finding happiness. What’s the bright side out of a bad situation? Our guest tonight, Chianti Lomax-Founder of The Happy Pop & Chief Happiness Curator and George Barnes-Pastor of Empowerment Temple AME in Baltimore, Maryland

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