Prince Estate Demands Trump Stop Playing Purple Rain At Rallies

Brother to Grammy award winning artist prince and head of the Prince estate recently took to Twitter to tell President Trump and The White House to stop playing Prince music. 

Apparently during Trump’s midterm rallies like the one in Mississippi last week, Purple Rain has been played. Once word got back to Prince’s estate they asked the President to cease all use of any Prince material immediately. 

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Trump Commutes Alice Johnson’s Sentence After Kardashian Visit

Donald Trump has commuted the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, a woman serving a life sentence for a non-violent drug crime in 1996, after meeting with Kim Kardashian-West, Johnson’s advocate.

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Oh, Really? Kanye West And Michelle Williams’ Fiance Chad Johnson Support Donald Trump

Does this revelation, of support for a president that hasn’t shown much support toward minority groups, change your perspective of Kanye West and Chad Johnson?

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Exclusive: Chrisette Michele Speaks Candidly About Trump Backlash, Suicide, Miscarriage Controversy And Strong Black Woman

Chrisette walked into the WHUR studios Tuesday nervous and apprehensive yet humble, brave and with her head held high. She had already prepared herself for preconceived notions, the obligatory side-eye, tough questions, having to explain her actions and thought process. And like the STRONG BLACK WOMAN we’ve grown to know and LOVE over a decade-long career, she confronted every tough question head on, failing to minimize her role in any situation and taking full accountability and responsibility for her actions. Although not her intention, she admitted she was in fact wrong. And for that, RESPECT.

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