LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart Suspended After Sunday Night Debacle

Sunday night’s game led to the suspension of LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart.

Contributed by Lauren Taylor 

UPDATE: LeBron James is suspended for one game without pay meaning he will miss Tuesday’s game against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. On the other hand, Isaiah Stewart is suspended for two games without pay, he will miss the Tuesday Detroit home game against Miami and the Wednesday game against Milwaukee.

As previously reported by WHUR, L.A. Laker, LeBron James was ejected from Sunday nights game against Detroit Pistons for hitting Isaiah Stewart in the face. Stewart, who was visibly bleeding, was also ejected due to his reaction, as he had to be restrained  on multiple occasions in order to prevent him from launching at James.

This is the first time James has been suspended in his 19-year-long career with the NBA. According to a statement NBA released Monday, James is being suspended for “for recklessly hitting Stewart in the face,” and Stewart “for escalating an on-court altercation by repeatedly and aggressively pursuing Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James.”

Some fans think the decision wasn’t fair, what do you all think?