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Issa Rae To Produce “Set it Off” Remake

“I personally think that’s something you just leave alone,” Pinkett-Smith said. “It’s a classic, it’s done.”

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Issa Rae, Amy Poehler Recognized For Their Entrepreneurship

“Inclusion is not something you can count, advertise or market. Inclusion is what happens when diverse people are actually present in equal numbers in decision making positions.”

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‘Insecure’ To Return To HBO In 2020

“Well, Issa became a big movie star!” Bloys states, “We’re not the first place to deal with this, but when you’re in business with very creative and talented people, there’s a lot more opportunities for people to do things. Issa, I think, partly wanted a break to come back to it fresh.”

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Review: ‘Little’ Heralds Big-Time Arrival Of Marsai Martin

And Martin, a tiny tyrant beneath a Diana Ross-sized afro, is the number one reason to see “Little.” The movie, itself, is a middling “Big”-styled body-swap comedy. But it’s elevated considerably the verve and charisma of its cast, which also features Issa Rae and Regina Hall.

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Is Issa Rae Engaged?

Issa Rae’s cover for Essence magazine is stunning! As fans gravitate to the cover, they couldn’t help but noticed a huge ring on her ring finger. She discreetly shows off the ring in numerous shots published from the shoot. She also wore all white cover of the magazine. Could she be subtly hinting at this? What do you think?

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