Fox News Host Compared Charlottesville White Supremacists To Black Lives Matter

“You can call [violence] out, and then ― but still also listen, say, on Black Lives Matter, to the grievances of young African-American males in urban cores who feel like they are looked at differently by police. That discussion still should be had,” Hegseth said, arguing that many young white men “feel like, ‘Hey, I’m treated differently in this country than I feel like I should have. I’ve become a second-class citizen. None of it ― they tell me I have white privilege.’”

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Former Washington Redskin Fred Smoot: “If Dr. King Was Here He Would Say All Lives Matter, Not Black Lives Matter”

Former Washington Redskin Fred Smoot joined the “Let’s Make It Better” conversation and shared an interesting viewpoint of race relations in America.

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What Does DC Have In Store For Tonight’s Annual National Night Out?

Police departments and communities nationwide will unite tonight for the 33rd Annual National Night Out. Neighborhoods are planning block parties, cookouts and events in an attempt to bridge the gap between law enforcement and those they serve.

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